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Coach Development Resources: These are great presentations on helping coaches develop better people and athletes. We have to remember our job is to retain players make them fall in love with hockey. 

Dr. Wade Gilbert- Coaching Better Workshop 

Click Here to view recorded presentation: Hockey MB Season Opener 2023

Touches on 4 C’s Compete,Confidence,Connection, Character 

Building Connections

What’s important to players 

Deliberate Practices 

Athlete Learning Principles 

Quality Practice Features 

Quality Practice Design 

Dr. Dean Kriellaars- Physical Literacy

Click Here to view recorded presentation Hockey MB Season Opener 2023 Physical Literacy

Touches on:

Performance Excellence 

Positive Movement Experience 

Movement Preparation 

Bones & Physical Activity 

Quality Sport 

Creating A Better Culture

Click Here to view recorded presentation:  2023 Hockey Manitoba Season Opener - Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood, Lindsay Berard, Justine Fredette

Touches on:

Culture of Excellence 

Coach Parent Dynamic 

Coach Player Dynamic 

Being Deliberate in the Process